Output 3: Training Module

What is this training path for?

Our project aims to create an original methodology that combines sports and an approach to community development, in order to allow operators and volunteers to become development facilitators in communities, throughout sports.

The training module has been designed for sports operators, coaches, social workers, volunteers, to acquire skills and tools to operate for the development of a community through sports and motor activities. The goal is twofold:

  • for those who already have competences in the field of sport, the aim is to aquire other competences of animation of social groups, networks and the territory through sport;
  • for those who already have skills in social work, and in particular concerning the development of the community, it is a matter of increasing the skills necessary to use of sports and motor skills for community development.

In both cases, the course aims to provide concept maps and effective operational tools that can be used in practice.

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